3 Reasons to Consider Travel Nursing in Hawaii

If you’re a nurse, you understand that though the job is important and rewarding, it can get repetitive after a while. If you want to shake things up and maybe have an adventure, now might be a great time to consider travel nursing. Read on to learn about three benefits of travel nursing brought to you by your friends at Lucky Owl Car Rental.

3 Reasons to Consider Travel Nursing in Hawaii

1. Competitive Pay Raises

Being a travel nurse has a lot of advantages. Hawaii’s gorgeous ocean waves, volcanoes, abundant flora and fauna, and Mai Tais are just a few of the added benefits for travel nurses in Hawaii. However, in addition to the benefit of just being in Hawaii, travel nurses in Hawaii receive better pay because it can be expensive to live in and enjoy Oahu. In fact, travel nurses typically make more money than their permanent counterparts.

2. Licensure and Ongoing Education Reimbursement

Each state has its own requirements for nurse licensing and associated costs. Most recruiting organizations and placement services cover this expense. If they are in extreme need of assistance, the state will occasionally completely remove the licensure requirement. Additionally, you might benefit from your downtime by engaging in more education. Perhaps you want to learn more about a certain specialization or earn a unique certification. Groups frequently provide access to these courses and cover the cost of them.

3. Discounted or Free Housing

Finally, depending on where you plan to work, some organizations provide discounted or free housing. In Hawaii, housing options for travel nurses may even be available on the beach. Additionally, by living in the same housing complex as other professionals and travel nurses, you may network and find more opportunities to advance your career.

If travel nursing sounds like the right career move, contact Lucky Owl Car Rental today at (808) 352-4890 to reserve your long-term car rental. You can also make reservations online or check out our website to plan your trip.