3 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Hawaii

Hawaii, while not the typical backdrop for a traditional Christmas, is actually so fun during the holidays! Between the local parades, hula performances, mele, and events around the islands, you’ll wonder why you haven’t spent every Christmas in Hawaii. At Lucky Owl Car Rental, we couldn’t be more excited for the holiday season, and here are three of our favorite reasons why.

Hawaiian Christmas

1. Food and Festivities

At Christmas, Hawaii turns up the aloha. Around the islands, there are a variety of free Christmas events, including hula performances, Hawaiian carolers, tree lightings, parades, ornament making, and more. They are comparable to the mainland but with a certain Hawaiian flair that makes them much more memorable. You’ll also enjoy a variety of multi-ethnic foods that typically include soy sauce and are prepared using traditional methods. Instead of a turkey or ham, you may find a roasted pig prepared in an underground oven and wrapped in leaves.

2. Surfing Competitions

Have you ever watched a surfing competition on Christmas day? The winter months in Hawaii bring on some of the most powerful waves of the year and the locals love to take full advantage. Watching a surfing competition isn’t just about surfing either. You’ll enjoy all the people on the beach, the side events, interviews with the winners, and even a few historical insights. We can pretty much guarantee you won’t be bored.

3. Hawaiian Flair

Finally, the best reason to head to Hawaii for Christmas is the traditions you simply won’t find anywhere else. In Hawaii, Christmas trees arrive by ship for those who want a traditional tree, but plenty of people choose to decorate palm trees instead. Also, instead of finding Santa in a sleigh, Hawaiian Santa travels by outrigger canoe pulled by dolphins! We think you’ll find Hawaiian Christmas truly unforgettable.

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