3 Ways to Save Money on Your Oahu Vacation

Oahu is a popular tourist destination with many famous places, including the North Shore, Waikiki, and the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Like other Hawaiian islands, vacationing in Oahu can be expensive. But don’t worry. Lucky Owl Car Rental has three ways you can save money on your Oahu vacation and still have a great time!

Three Ways To Save Money on Your Oahu Vacation

1. Go Camping

Hawaiian hotels are often exquisite and luxurious; however, their prices often reflect it. Airfare alone can be a substantial investment. Fortunately, you can save money on your accommodations, especially if you enjoy the outdoors, as several state parks and official campgrounds offer camping sites. Unfortunately, some places don’t allow camping on certain days of the week. For this reason, save yourself a headache by booking in advance. Additionally, be sure to check if any days are regularly closed.

If state parks and campgrounds aren’t really your thing, you can also save money on your Oahu vacation by boondocking, which entails finding a serene place that looks like a good place to crash but isn’t a formal campground. Although camping on the beach isn’t technically allowed, fishing is. Therefore, the truly adventurous can bring along a pole that you cast in the water overnight and sleep in your tent. Better yet, throw out a blanket and sleep out in nature. 

Another option you can choose is to camp away from the beach in the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden, which is breathtakingly beautiful. You will need a permit for this, as with most places, however. Unfortunately, you can only request a permit a couple of weeks prior to your trip. On the other hand, you can find a camping spot fairly easily. To that end, you should have no problem getting a permit and finding a great spot.

2. Stay in a Rental Property

If camping isn’t your thing, but you still want to save money, consider a rental property. Plenty of property owners in Oahu rent out their space. For this reason, prices are competitive, and inventory is often readily available. Consequently, a rental located through one of the popular property rental websites can be a great alternative to an expensive hotel. 

3. Save Money with Lucky Owl

Unless you have air miles, airfare to Hawaii can be pretty expensive. For that reason, camping or staying in a rental property can save you money during your stay. In addition, Lucky Owl has you covered with a great inventory of rental cars at affordable rates. Check out our current specials, call (808) 352-4890 to reserve your car, or request a quote online.