7 Types of Oahu Businesses That Offer Military Discounts

Did you know that all five branches of the armed service have bases in Hawaii? Of the 13 active military bases, most belong to the Army or Navy. Lucky Owl Car Rental rents cars, trucks, and other vehicles to U.S. military personnel with PCS orders. Get a rental from us, explore the island, and take advantage of many places that offer military discounts. Here are seven examples to get you started.

Seven Types of Oahu Businesses That Offer Military Discounts

1. The Honolulu Zoo

The Honolulu Zoo provides steep military discounts. Adult admission is $19, but it’s only $8 for U.S. military. If you have kids aged 3-12 years, they also enjoy the discounted $4 price, down from the normal $11 rate.  

2. Goodwill

Every Wednesday, Goodwill offers a 20% discount to U.S. military men and women and their families. Aside from discounts, they also offer support for transition to civilian jobs after leaving the military. 

3. BMW

At some point, you will want to turn in your rental car and shift to your permanent vehicle. When you do, BMW of Honolulu allows up to a $500 savings for eligible USAA members on all BMW sales. 

4. The DMV

Whether you purchase a new car or bring your previous one, you need to get it registered and plated in Hawaii. Fortunately, military discounts extend to the DMV. Active duty military personnel are exempt from vehicle weight taxes. The exemption applies to only one vehicle.

5. Hotels

After you’re done exploring Oahu in your rental car, why not spend some time at one of the many resorts and hotels we have to offer? There are so many that offer discounts that we couldn’t narrow it down to just one. Instead, you can check out at least ten on this Trip Advisor link and know that their list still doesn’t include everything. 

6. Restaurants

Much like hotels, many restaurants, bars, and eateries support the U.S. military by providing discounts. Discounts typically range between 10-20% depending on the venue. From fast-food chains to larger, corporately owned establishments to one-off restaurant ventures, many happily deliver a variety of discounts and changing specials. There are many that change so frequently, so web links quickly become outdated. A good rule of thumb is to show your military ID when you go out to eat to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities. 

7. Parks and Recreation

There are so many activities and adventures that we can only cover a few. First, Atlantis Adventures hosts submarine rides and cruises at discounted rates for U.S. Military. Next, Kailua Beach Adventures boasts a 25% discount for those who love water activities and tours, and they offer group events, too. Wild Adventures is an amusement park with both daily admission and season pass discounts. Of course, there are plenty of state parks to explore, as well. 

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