Benefits of a Long-Term Car Rental

Are you planning on visiting or working in Honolulu for an extended period of time in the near future? You’ll likely need some reliable transportation to get around. Surely there has to be a better option than purchasing a vehicle and selling it shortly thereafter. Lucky for you, there is! Long-term car rentals provide reliable transportation at a reasonable cost without all of the headaches. Here are some benefits from the team at Lucky Owl Car Rental.

Benefits of a Long Term Car Rental

More Affordable

Renting a car long-term is more affordable than most people think. While you don’t own the vehicle and won’t receive any money from a sale at the end of the transaction, your monthly cost will be lower than that of an auto loan or lease. You’ll be able to drive a newer, reliable vehicle and keep more money in your pocket.

No Maintenance Costs

Since the vehicle belongs to the rental company, it is their responsibility to keep it running right. Any type of maintenance for the vehicle will be completed by the rental company. This means you’ll save money by not having to pay for any oil changes, brake tune-ups, or engine maintenance while in possession of the car.

Less Stress

There is so much less stress involved when renting a vehicle long-term versus purchasing. For one, you don’t have to worry about any depreciation in value. You simply return the vehicle and be on your way. That also means not having to go through the headache of selling the vehicle altogether. No haggling on the price or getting the title in order.

Ready to book your long-term car rental? Lucky Owl Car Rental is here to help. We can also provide short-term car rentals, van rentals, and truck rentals. Located in Honolulu, our duty is to serve you as best we can. Contact us today at (808) 352-4890 to book a reservation.