Fall 2021 Honolulu Travel COVID Requirements: What You Should Know

If you travel to Honolulu in September or October 2021, you should know about the most recent Honolulu travel COVID requirements. Specifically, the Honolulu City and County Mayor launched Safe Access O’ahu on September 13 to last at least 60 days. Consequently, the requirements may impact your travel and stay. Lucky Owl Car Rental wants you to have a fantastic trip, so we hope you find the information helpful. 

Fall 2021 Honolulu Travel COVID Requirements: What You Should Know
First, and most important, please be sure to verify all information by checking Honolulu and Oahu local and state websites. At Lucky Owl, we want you to have the most recent information, so we encourage checking multiple sources. Still, we do our best to provide current information, but things can change, so plan your trip accordingly.

Air Travel and Hawaii Entry

As of July 8, 2021, fully vaccinated individuals traveling domestically to Hawaii can enter without testing or quarantine. However, you must have at least 15 days between vaccination and travel. Any non-vaccinated traveler must produce a negative COVID-19 test before departure. Otherwise, the state mandates a 10-day quarantine. Once here and after any quarantine period ends, you can travel freely between islands. 

Safe Access O’ahu

The Mayor enacted new restrictions effective September 13 for all individuals over the age of 12. The plan includes Honolulu travel COVID requirements in addition to local businesses and residents alike. Most recreation, dining, entertainment, retail, and fitness establishments now ask for proof of vaccination or a negative test, including:

  • Bowling alleys
  • Arcades
  • Pool/billiard halls
  • Movie theaters
  • Museums
  • Recreational games or entertainment centers
  • Indoor portions of aquariums, zoos, water sports, pools, botanical gardens, mini-golf, go-kart tracks, and similar attractions
  • Dining

The dining rules apply when you go to any on-premise dining establishment, even if you sit outside. Some examples include:

  • Restaurants
  • Food courts
  • Quick service restaurants
  • Fine dining
  • Catering establishments with on-premise consumption


  • Private residences available only to residents
  • Purely retail establishments
  • Food and beverage places that offer carry-out or delivery exclusively
  • Food and beverage establishments that only offer food or drinks for off-premise consumption
  • Charitable food services

Honolulu Travel COVID Requirements for Acceptable Documentation

Travelers should prepare to show personal identification, proof of vaccination, or proof of negative COVID-19 test results to any of the places we mention here. However, every business has the right to make its policies. Therefore, we like to encourage visitors to carry this documentation wherever they go. 

Proof of vaccination includes either a hard or digital copy of a state-approved vaccination card. However, you can also apply for a Hawaii SMART Health Card. The “card” allows you to provide digital proof on your device without carrying physical documentation. You can apply for that online.

If you are not vaccinated, you must provide personal identification and a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 48 hours of entry to the establishment. Therefore, some travelers will take multiple tests during their stay.

When You’re Ready To Travel

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