Long-Term Car Rentals for Military Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

The life of a military service member is marked by frequent relocations and permanent change of station (PCS) moves. With each move, there are numerous logistics to consider, including transportation. Many military personnel opt for long-term rental cars to ensure a hassle-free and convenient transition during their PCS. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of choosing a long-term rental car for military PCS moves from the team at Lucky Owl Car Rental.

Long-Term Car Rentals for Military Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the primary benefits of opting for a long-term rental car during a military PCS is the flexibility it offers. Long-term rentals typically span several weeks to months, allowing service members to secure reliable transportation while they settle into their new location. The convenience of having a vehicle readily available eliminates the need to rely on public transportation or borrow vehicles from friends and family.

No Depreciation or Maintenance Worries

Purchasing a vehicle for a short-term stay can lead to depreciation concerns and maintenance responsibilities. Long-term rental cars provide a solution by eliminating the worries associated with vehicle ownership. Rental agencies are responsible for maintaining their fleet, ensuring that the vehicles are in excellent condition. In case of any mechanical issues, the rental agency will usually provide a replacement vehicle, minimizing disruptions to your daily routine.

Cost-Effective Solution

When considering the expenses associated with buying, insuring, and maintaining a vehicle, long-term car rentals can be a cost-effective alternative. Military personnel often benefit from special discounts and rates offered by rental agencies, making it an affordable option. Additionally, long-term rental fees are usually all-inclusive, covering insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance, further reducing the financial burden.

Choice of Vehicle

Long-term rental car providers offer a wide range of vehicles to suit individual preferences and needs. Whether you require a compact car for easy maneuverability in urban areas or an SUV for larger families or transporting equipment, rental agencies have a diverse fleet to choose from. Some providers even offer military-specific packages, ensuring the availability of suitable vehicles for military personnel.

Insurance Coverage

Most reputable long-term rental car agencies include insurance coverage as part of the rental agreement. This coverage often includes liability protection, collision damage waivers, and theft protection, offering peace of mind while on the road. However, it is essential to review the terms and conditions of the rental agreement to understand the extent of the coverage and any additional options available.

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