Make Your Honolulu Vacation More Affordable

Vacationing in Honolulu is a dream for a lot of people. Traveling can get expensive fast, especially to a place as beautiful as Hawaii. So what can you do to make your vacation more affordable without sacrificing any of the fun? Here are some tips from the team at Lucky Owl Car Rental.

Make Your Honolulu Vacation More Affordable | Car Rental

Choose a Hotel Off the Beach

While a resort that sits right on the beach is the very definition of luxury, you can save quite a bit of money by booking a room that’s a few blocks away from the beach. Don’t worry, there are plenty of public accessible beaches to choose from and enjoy.

Plan Your Meals

Again, you’ll pay a premium to take in those oceanside views. And while there are some incredible places to eat along that water that you should absolutely experience, not every meal needs to be that way. There are a ton of great options a little more inland that will likely have better availability as well.

Partake in Free Activities

There are countless paid experiences in Honolulu for you to enjoy like ATV tours, helicopter rides, museums, and other attractions. There are also, however, many activities that are completely free and super fun. As mentioned, the public beaches are free to access. There are also hiking trails, surfing, and live music all over the place. For just a few dollars, you can rent a snorkel set or a bike.

Rent a Car from Lucky Owl

Another great way to make your Honolulu vacation more affordable is with a car rental from Lucky Owl Car Rental. We serve the areas of Honolulu, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, and the island of Oahu. We offer the lowest priced car rentals, minivan rentals, SUV rentals, and passenger van rentals. Whatever size you need for your family. Contact us at (808) 352-4890 today or book your reservation online.