Safe Driving in Your Rental Car

Driving is a stressful part of life, especially in unfamiliar areas. You must remain constantly vigilant and aware while operating a vehicle. It is important to take extra care when driving a rental car being that it is someone else’s property. Explore confidently with these safe driving tips from the team at Lucky Owl Car Rental.

Safe Driving in Your Rental Car

Seat Belts

Obviously, the most important safety rule to follow in a vehicle is wearing your seat belt. It is the law, after all, and the best way to remain safe in the event of an accident. Even if you’re crawling along at slow speeds, taking in the scenery, you should be buckled up.

Safe Speeds

Obeying the speed limit is certainly a priority while driving, but occasionally the weather calls for you to slow down a bit. If the road is in bad shape or if the weather is making it difficult to see, you should pull off the road, turn on safety lights, and wait it out. Once the weather passes, you can continue driving safely.

Rest Up

You always hear “don’t drive under the influence,” but a lot of people are not aware that driving drowsy can be just as dangerous. When you’re tired, your response times can be significantly slower, or even worse, you could fall asleep at the wheel. Make sure you are well rested before operating a vehicle. If you feel yourself start to drift, ask for someone else to take over driving or pull over and rest up before continuing on.

No Distractions

In today’s world, many of our phones are glued to our hands. Constantly connected. Driving with that distraction is just asking for an accident. Turn on your music and then place your phone in the center console. If you must take that phone call or answer the text, use a hands-free device or pull to the side of the road.

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