Three Questions to Ask When Planning a Late Summer Trip to Honolulu

Traveling to Honolulu any time of year is a good choice, but late summer offers some cool events and wonderful weather. We’re here to help you plan your trip by sharing three questions you should ask first. So, before you book your rental car and get your plane tickets, continue reading to learn more from the team at Lucky Owl Car Rental.

Rental Car | Plan a Late Summer Trip to Honolulu

1. How’s the weather?

Even though August is one of Hawaii’s driest months, you should prepare for a few rains while you’re here. In other words, it’s reasonable to assume that compared to the other months, the chances of rain are lower in August and September. Hawaii in August is a beautiful tourist place to visit in the late summer because of the pleasant weather and sunshine. The temperature often stays in the 80s throughout the day and falls into the 70s at night. However, August experiences modest precipitation, with levels of precipitation greater than the month with the lowest rainfall average, June.

2. Is it busy?

In Hawaii, August can be a busy month for tourists. At the beginning of the month, tourists swarm to this tropical location, and as the month draws to a close, the crowds begin to shrink. Hawaii in late summer is the ideal destination for a family vacation because the weather is perfect for outdoor leisure activities. This tropical paradise makes a wonderful starting point for honeymooners and is great for hosting special occasions like weddings and anniversaries.

3. What is there to do?

Besides the obvious, like incredible resorts, beautiful beaches, wonderful restaurants, and unique sightseeing, there are a couple of great events to check out as well. The Made in Hawaii Festival is held in Honolulu during the month of August. The festival features exhibits and a wide array of Hawaiin products. For those who want a little more excitement, there is Duke’s OceanFest. This annual event includes multiple water sports competitions like surfing and swimming.

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