Using Corporate Rental Vans for Employee and Client Events

Many companies and organizations use Honolulu as their go-to destination for corporate events, employee rewards, and recognition. Opportunities abound for hosting these types of events, and you’ve probably identified some of those. At the same time, companies often offer excursions or off-site nights out to employees and clients. For this reason, Lucky Owl Car Rental explains why using corporate rental vans for these purposes makes good business sense.

Using Corporate Rental Vans for Employee and Client Events

Reduce Liability from Drinking and Driving

Some companies celebrate hard. Even if they don’t, some staff, vendors, and clients do. You can’t easily control how much someone drinks, even if you don’t offer an open bar. However, you can mitigate the risk that comes along with drinking and driving. As a side note, this is especially important in new locations where attendees aren’t familiar with their surroundings. Using corporate rental vans helps to ensure all your guests have a fun evening out and get home safely afterward.

Keep Everyone on Schedule

If you have an event planner, he/she probably shares his/her frustration with timing issues and missing people. When you rely on people to manage their own transportation, it presents a challenge. Some people lose track of time, while others get lost or confused about when and where to go. Corporate passenger vans make life easier by transporting everyone together. All you have to do is tell them to meet in the lobby at a certain time and leave from there.

Pamper Your Guests 

Of course, you can keep all your events on-site at whatever hotel or event center you choose. However, it’s nice to go off-site for special dinners or excursions. Additionally, you could use a passenger van or minivan to provide a fun time for select people at a special event. Whether you provide the opportunity for one or all, guests appreciate not having to navigate transportation in addition to other tasks during their stay. Moreover, people feel attended to and pampered when all their needs get met, which really makes the trip a special one.

Claim the Tax Deduction

Be sure to check with your tax advisor as we don’t give financial or tax advice. That being said, most companies allow you to claim the full cost of rental vehicles when they’re used for business. Further, the cost of fuel can often be included in the deduction, as well. Of course, companies need to keep all receipts and paperwork as evidence. Why not have a good evening, celebrate high-performing employees, impress potential clients, and get a tax deduction, all at once?

Rent a Vehicle in Honolulu with Lucky Owl

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