Which Rental is Right for Your Vacation?

If this is your first trip to Hawaii, you may find the travel experience a bit stressful. Flying to the islands is a long haul and getting all of your accommodations worked out can be hard for even a seasoned traveler. That’s why your friends at Lucky Owl Car Rental have put together this rental car guide so you can take the guesswork out of car rental and make an informed decision for what will work best for your family.

Which Rental is Right for Your Vacation

Economy and Compact Cars

Economy and compact cars might be the best option if your trip budget is limited. Additionally, you’ll be able to navigate congested city streets with a smaller vehicle choice easily. Generally, economy and compact cars will be a Toyota Corolla or similar.

Intermediate Cars

An intermediate rental car could be ideal if you need something with good gas mileage and room to spread out. They are the ideal size to strike the perfect balance between roominess and drivability. Typically, these vehicles are Toyota Camrys or other comparable models.


A minivan is a great option for families or large groups looking for a vehicle that offers space, comfort, and drivability. You just can’t beat the family-friendly features of a minivan, and you’ll be happy you opted for more space on those long drives between beaches. We offer 8-passenger Honda Odysseys, 7-passenger Toyota Sienna, or similar models.


Finally, check out one of our SUV rentals for a vehicle that boasts space, versatility, comfort, safety, and style. Our fleet includes compact, intermediate, and full-size models to fit every family and every budget. SUVs provide a comfortable and smooth ride, thanks to their suspension and high ground clearance, and you’ll love exploring the islands in one.

Contact Lucky Owl Car Rental at (808) 352-4890 for your Hawaiian vacation. You can also make a reservation online and enjoy having these awesome options at your fingertips.