Why Spring is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii

Is there ever a bad time to travel to Hawaii? We’re going to have to say a firm “no” to that because the islands are a tropical paradise with lovely weather all year long and always blossoming flowers. Hawaii is a stunning location, regardless of the season you visit. Yet, depending on when you visit, the islands do provide a variety of experiences throughout the year, and today on the blog, our team at Lucky Owl Car Rental is spelling out why spring is our favorite.

Why Spring is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii

Spring Activities

You’re in luck if you want to fully immerse yourself in Hawaii’s distinctive and vibrant culture. On Oahu, March is when the Honolulu Festival takes place. This is a wonderful chance to discover the unique characteristics of Hawaii’s cuisine, dancing, music, and arts. The Kona Beer Festival is another great option and offers beer enthusiasts a great chance to sample some new brews while taking in a hula show, live music, and other fun activities.

Spring Weather

If you were to check the weather on a mainstream weather platform, you’d likely find that it says it will rain every day in Hawaii. And while this is technically true, it shouldn’t deter your visit. Because, while it does rain almost every day, these rains are short-lived and isolated and likely won’t ruin your plans. While you will see some rain in the spring, it won’t be nearly as much as you would in the winter months on the island. Additionally, the trade winds provide a comfortable breeze on higher temperature days. You can expect lows of 65 degrees to 72 degrees and highs ranging from around 80 degrees to 86 degrees.

Spring Travel Season

As you might expect, Hawaii is a popular place to visit. So, if you want to avoid crowds and high travel prices, it’s wise to visit during the “off-season.” For Hawaii, this generally means in the spring or autumn months. Winter is quite busy in Hawaii as all the “snowbirds” like to spend the cold months here, and summer is packed with families taking advantage of school breaks. Visiting in the spring is the best way to ensure the best deals on hotels, excursions, and car rentals.

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